“Mariposas” (“Butterflies”) and “La Mariposa” (“The Butterfly”) go to Castellón and Alicante

Part of the exhibition of monumental heads by Manolo Valdés will be still on display for a few months in the Valencian Community. The Hortensia Herrero Foundation has promoted, with the collaboration of the city councils of Alicante and Castellón, two temporary exhibitions in these cities. In particular, the two sculptures that will be installed in Alicante and Castellón will be “La Mariposa” (“The Butterfly”) and “Mariposas” (“Butterflies”), respectively. In both cases, it will consist of a temporary exhibition that will start on Thursday 21 in Alicante and on Friday 22 in Castellón. These sculptures will be on display for around three months, until March 23. “La Mariposa” (“The Butterfly”) will be displayed on the Explanada promenade in Alicante, while “Mariposas” (“Butterflies”) will be on the Ribalta promenade in Castellón.

These two sculptures are part of a six-piece monumental exhibition that has been on display since last June at the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències of Valencia. The exposition has been promoted by the Hortensia Herrero Foundation, and its president, Hortensia Herrero, has committed herself to the purchase of one of the sculptures in order to hand it over to the city of Valencia. The choice was made through a poll in which 41.538 visitors of the exhibition participated. The winner, “La Pamela” (“Pamela – Picture Hat”), will be permanently installed in La Marina of Valencia. “Mariposas” (“Butterflies”) and “La Mariposa” (“The Butterfly”), the pieces that will temporarily move to Castellón and Alicante, were the second and the third most valuated by the participants of the poll.

“We are so happy with Manolo Valdés’s heads exhibition that we can say we feel a bit sad that it is coming to an end. For this reason, apart from “La Pamela” (“Pamela – Picture Hat”), which is going to stay in Valencia forever, we wanted that the other two capitals of the Valencian Community were able to enjoy these works, and what better than doing so with the two most voted sculptures after the winner. I am convinced that the people from Alicante and Castellón are going to enjoy these spectacular pieces,” said the president of the Hortensia Herrero Foundation.

These works have been part of a bigger temporary exhibition that consisted of the six sculptures that formed the Paris exposition, which are entitled “La Mariposa” (“The Butterfly”), “Los Aretes” (“The Earrings”), “La Diadema” (“The Headband”), “Mariposas” (“Butterflies”), “La Doble Imagen” (“The Double Image”) and “La Pamela” (“Pamela – Picture Hat”). For this exhibition, Valdés has created big heads whose headdresses are composed of very diverse motifs such as butterflies, geometric forms or a hat. Valdés draws his inspiration from the surrounding objects and incorporates them in a work that is inspired by the Spanish painting tradition and the art history in general.