In 2017, the Hortensia Herrero Foundation wanted to bring back the work of the most international Valencian artist, Manolo Valdés, to his hometown, Valencia. Six large heads inspired in the tradition of Spanish painting and history of art in general, debating for six months at the emblematic Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, which hosted them.

To make these monumental sculptures, over five meters in height, the artist used various materials such as corten steel, aluminum, cast iron and marble, and some of the sculptures were painted with a layer of epoxy paint.

The Hortensia Herrero Foundation wanted to go a little further by trying to make the exhibition permanent, at least in part, so that it would become an integral part of the city. The president of the Hortensia Herrero Foundation bought one of the sculptures and donated it to the city of València. The method used to choose the winner of the contest was a popular vote, through ballot boxes that were placed all over the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències. The winner was ‘La Pamela’ and the piece was moved to its final location: La Marina de València, nexto to La Marina de Empresas, where EDEM Escuela de Empresarios and Lanzadera are located.

About Manolo Valdés

Manolo Valdés has lived and worked in New York for more than 25 years. He started his career in València, where he was born in 1942 and studied his first degree. In 1964 he became one of the founders of the art group Equipo Crónica. In 1981 he started his solo career, continuing with the dialogue with the art history of the Equipo Crónica, but from his own style.

Manolo Valdés has held exhibitions all over the world and has received many awards and recognitions. His work is part of the permanent collections in museums like the Metropolitan in New York or the Pompidou Centre in Paris.