Culture has been among us for hundreds of thousands of years. It talks about who we were. It is the most valuable legacy we have left. For this reason, the Hortensia Herrero Foundation promotes social actions that help sharing the sensitivity, using art and culture as an example and as ways to turn the Valencian Community into a cultural benchmark.

The objective of the Hortensia Herrero Foundation is to promote the interest, awareness and sensitivity for art and culture through projects created in the Valencian Community by artists from all around the world.

Heritage restoration
The artistic heritage of the Valencian Community belongs to everyone and is there to be enjoyed by everyone. For this reason, the Hortensia Herrero Foundation supports initiatives that help to recover the artistic heritage of the Valencian Community in order to turn it into a benchmark. Improving our past to enjoy it in the present and leave it as a legacy for the future.

Supporting initiatives involving dance with the aim of promoting training and awareness of this discipline through the projects “Campus Internacional Valencia Danza”, the “Somos Arte” gala and “Ballet Vale+”.

Contemporary Art
Sharing the artistic sensitivity understood as painting, sculpture, architecture and any art discipline that may help promoting culture at a national and international level.

Hortensia Herrero Art Centre
The Hortensia Herrero foundation is currently working in the renovation of the Valeriola Palace to build the future Hortensia Herrero Art Centre, aiming at increasing the sensitivity for contemporary art among the society of the Valencian Community.

From the 14th November, “Maria” and “Silvia”, two of the monumental sculptures by the artist that were exhibited at the City of the Arts and Sciences, will travel to Elx so the public can continue enjoying them.