The restoration works on Santos Juanes de Valencia Church get under way

The works to restore and refurbish Santos Juanes de Valencia Church, which was declared a National Historical and Artistic Monument by Decree 21/02/1947, have started this morning, now the project has been approved and the preliminary works have been finalised. This project is being carried out thanks to the agreement signed two years ago between the Archbishopric of Valencia and the Hortensia Herrero Foundation.

It will involve two aspects. On the one hand, the restoration of the frescoes on the church’s vaulted ceilings, painted by Antonio Palomino, will be carried out by a team led by Professor Pilar Roig, a professor in the UPV Department of Cultural Property Conservation and Restoration and researcher at the University Institute for Heritage Restoration.

On the other hand, the architectural refurbishment aims to correct structural and constructional deficiencies to guarantee the conservation of the building, including its façades. This work will be directed by the architect Carlos Campos.