Collaboration agreement with the Esther Mortes School of Dance

The Hortensia Herrero Foundation has reached a collaboration agreement with the Esther Mortes School of Dance for the development of research into the use of the classic ballet technique as a physical and social therapy for children with cerebral palsy through the Ballet Vale+ project.

This collaboration will be carried out throughout the year 2014 and is added to a project already underway driven by Esther Mortes, Marcia Castillo and Patricia Morán. This therapy is carried out at the Esther Mortes School of Dance, located in Calle Artes Gráficas.

The collaboration pursues three fundamental objectives: providing resources to the teachers of the school in order to continue their training and research; meeting different needs in terms of materials; and promoting the scientific study of the benefits of dance for children with cerebral palsy.