El Genovés Parish Centre

In 2012, we collaborated in the finalization of the Parish Centre of the Valencian town of El Genovés. For the Hortensia Herrero Foundation, it has been an honor contributing to the completion of a project initiated thanks to the legacy of local resident Mr. Joaquín Magraner Pelluch, and thanks to his initial drive the Parish Center is now a reality. The Parish Centre of El Genovés is a three-storey building. The Hortensia Herrero Foundation was especially involved in the completion of the first and second floors.

Apart from being able to help finish building the centre, which is of great value for the town, we are also very proud of the efforts made by each and every one of the residents of El Genovés who genuinely feel that the centrer is also theirs.

In July 2012 an agreement for the collaboration between the parties was signed and on 26th January 2013, after several months of work, the Centre was opened. On that day, the Hortensia Herrero Foundation was pleased to see the participation and dedication of the people of El Genovés in this project.